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Michael Garrick Sextet - Vinyl LP

Michael Garrick Sextet - Vinyl LP

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Prelude To Heart Is A Lotus

Released in 2013

12" 180gram 33rpm LP

Curated, analogue mastered and cut at Gearbox Studio

Prelude to Heart is a Lotus is a 1968 BBC Jazz in Britain recording now released for the first time. Pianist and composer Michael Garrick was 35 years old and together with close associates - saxophonist Don Rendell and trumpeter Ian Carr - was defining innovative new directions in British jazz. Prelude to Heart is a Lotus is the precursor to the Argo Records Heart is a Lotus studio album which was released two years later, and this remarkable music shines a new light on an extraordinary period of creativity in Garrick’s long career.

Michael Garrick - piano, harpsichord, celeste
Don Rendell - soprano & alto saxophone, flute
Ian Carr - trumpet, Jim Philip - flute
Coleridge Goode - double bass
Trevor Tomkins - percussion

Heart Is A Lotus
Sweet And Sugary Candy
Webster’s Mood
Song By The Sea
Temple Dancer
Little Girl

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