Max Cooper - 12" Vinyl EP

Max Cooper - 12" Vinyl EP

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Tileyard Improvisations Vol. 1
12” 180gm 45rpm Vinyl Mini Album includes free download code sticker
Curated, analogue mastered and cut at Gearbox Studio

A collaboration fusing intelligent dance and hard bop jazz between electronic and techno producer Max Cooper, former Belleruche singer Kathrin deBoer and jazz trumpet star Quentin Collins.

The Tileyard Studio complex in King's Cross is home to Gearbox Records and Mark Ronson's Zelig Studios, where the Tileyard Improvisations was spontaneously performed and recorded live. The tracks highlight the extraordinary interplay between Kathrin deBoer's sensational improvised vocal performance and the laser sharp Lee Morgan/Freddie Hubbard inspired hard bop trumpet of Quentin Collins, both perfectly set in the grooves and textures of Max Cooper's remarkable mixes and soundscapes.

Max Cooper - beats, Kathrin deBoer - vocal, Quentin Collins - trumpet, flugelhorn, Darrel Sheinman - drums, percussion, Jack Stevens - bass guitar

A1. Chronology (6:55)
A2. Dusk Mass (6:41)
B1. Theatre Of The Absurd
B2. Animate Expanse (4:12)