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Kate Tempest - 2 x Vinyl LP

Kate Tempest - 2 x Vinyl LP

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Brand New Ancients
2 x 12" Vinyl LP 
Curated, analogue mastered and cut at Gearbox Studio

Brand New Ancients is the tale of two families and their intertwining lives, set against the background of the city and braided with classical myth. Kate Tempest shows how the old myths still live on in our everyday acts of violence, bravery, sacrifice and love – and that our lives make tales no less dramatic and powerful than those of the old gods. Kate Tempest is one of the most exciting and innovative performers to have emerged in spoken-word poetry in many years: this dramatic poem won the prestigious Ted Hughes Prize for innovation in poetry. This studio production of her acclaimed stage show captures her unique blend of street poetry, rap and storytelling.

Music composed by Nell Catchpole in collaboration with the musicians:
Kwake Bass - percussion & electronica, Raven Bush - violin
Jo Gibson - tuba, Natasha Zielasinski - cello

Side A: "In the old days" 21.05
Side B: "And now Clive's 12" 22.39
Side C: “The editor looked over his glasses" 22.20
Side D: ”Clive was off her" 13.08

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