Dan Rosenboom - 'Absurd in the Anthropocene' CD

Dan Rosenboom - 'Absurd in the Anthropocene' CD

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Absurd in the Anthropocene

Mini-LP replica CD

- Chris Philips, Jazz FM

"a fire hose of electronic fusion, heavy on synth and pyrotechnic horn solos, with complex charts and extremely hard-driving, almost rock rhythms… the whole record is great"

"His horn skips and leaps, delivering breathtakingly long phrases with stunning control; he's a powerhouse player intent on overwhelming the listener with pyrotechnics, as the band crash forward."
- The Wire

"Absurd in the Anthropocene is arguably his most diverse collection to date and, intriguingly, it’s also one that’s strangely cohesive. 
And like his previous outings, it’s also ridiculously fun."

"A joyous, surrealist triumph"
- Record Collector

Dan Rosenboom, a musician at the forefront of Los Angeles' ever-thriving creative music scene, boasts an international reputation for boundary-pushing projects and relentless productivity. A trumpet virtuoso equally at home in improvised and classical music, the prolific musician has been featured on stages and festivals all over the world, and has been described as “a phenomenon” by the Los Angeles Times.

Absurd in the Anthropocene is loaded with an absurd crew of musicians, including producer and keyboard master Jeff Babko, legendary drummers Vinnie ColaiutaGary Novak, and Zach Danziger, renowned bassists Jimmy JohnsonTim Lefebvre and Jerry Watts Jr., Rosenboom’s longtime collaborator Gavin Templeton and jazz icon David Binney on saxophones, guitarists Tim ConleyAlexander Noice, and Jake Vossler, electronics wizard Troy Ziegler, and horn-playing colleagues Brian WalshRyan DragonJuliane Gralle, and Javier Gonzalez. The record’s first session was recorded at Capitol Records with prized engineer Steve Genewick, while the second and third took place at Stella Sound Studios under the direction of revered producer, engineer, and mixer Justin Stanley.

Track listing

1  Mr. Lizard Said
2  Lemonade
3  Pushed to the Edge of Ideas by Dispassionate Bias-Algorithm Bots
4  Still
5  Heliopteryx
6  Nebulounge
7  Apes In Rapture
8  Forget What You Know
9  Green Moon
10  Obsidian Butterfly
11  Drowning on the High Ground


Dan Rosenboom - Cornet, Trumpet, Compositions
Jeff Babko - Keys, Producer
Gavin Templeton - Alto and Baritone Saxophones
Jimmy Johnson, Tim Lefebvre, and Jerry Watts Jr. - Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta, Zach Danziger, and Gary Novak - Drums
David Binney - Alto Saxophone on "Apes In Rapture"
Troy Ziegler - Electronics on "Heliopteryx"
Guitars: Tim Conley ("Lemonade"), Alexander Noice and Jake Vossler ("Obsidian Butterfly")
Additional Horns on "Apes In Rapture": Brian Walsh (tenor saxophone), Javier Gonzalez (lead trumpet), Ryan Dragon (trombone), Juliane Gralle (bass trombone)

Recorded by Justin Stanley and Steve Genewick
Mixed by Justin Stanley
Mastered and Cut by Caspar Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records

All Compositions, except tracks 6 & 8, by Daniel Rosenboom (ASCAP)
Tracks 6 & 8 co-written with Gavin Templeton, Jeff Babko, Tim Lefebvre & Zach Danziger.

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