Abdullah Ibrahim - 'Solotude' Vinyl LP
Abdullah Ibrahim - 'Solotude' Vinyl LP

Abdullah Ibrahim - 'Solotude' Vinyl LP

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Release date: 26 November, 2021
180g 33rpm Black Vinyl LP

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Each year on October 9th, Abdullah Ibrahim performs a solo piano concert at the Hirzinger Hall in South Germany in order to celebrate his birthday. Due to lockdown restrictions last year, this traditional birthday concert was replaced with the opportunity to record a solo piano performance. Hirzinger Hall,  in Riedering, South East Germany, is famous for its incredible acoustics, and Ibrahim's solitary performance lends itself perfectly to the space. The recording crew was sparse, the audience non-existent, yet Ibrahim’s communion with the piano remains warm and timeless. 

In his own words:

"6 years old - I played my first note on the piano with the index finger

Now 80 years and 10 fingers later - a journey that took me from Cape Town to all corners and mentors of the world - the index finger unveiled plays itself - the one note of universal unity

My great grand father with his index finger showed me the hidden kalahari dreamtime essence of the plants, flowers, animals and sound of the distant hills

I was 6 years young"


1. Mindiff (3:10)
2. Trieste My Love (1:55)
3. Nisa (2:24)
4. Blue Bolero (2:08)
5. In-Tempo (5:04)
6. Dreamtime (2:30)
7. Blue Bolero (First Reprise) (0:38)
8. Peace (1:49)
9. Blues For A Hip King (1:05)

1. District 6 (1:02)
2. Tokai (0:39)
3. District 6 (Reprise) (0:14)
4. Pula (0:42)
5. Sotho Blue (3:20)
6. Blue Bolero (Second Reprise) (0:22)
7. Did You Hear That Sound? (1:29)
8. In The Evening (1:33)
9. Once Upon A Midnight (6:27)
10. The Wedding (4:52)
11. Signal On The Hill (1:06)


Piano and composition by Abdullah Ibrahim
Recorded by René Kampka
Mixed and mastered by Caspar Sutton-Jones

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