NTS trio - 7" Single

NTS trio - 7" Single

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Basement Jaxx and Gearbox Records present The Valve Mastered Sevens

7” 45rpm single includes free download code sticker

No.1 in the Valve Mastered Sevens series.

Collectable, unique, supreme quality - this ever expanding series of carefully curated 7"s takes in cult heroes, underground gems, future stars - a true treasure trove of delights to explore in Gearbox's homage to the humble 45. Expect Direct-to-Disc cuts, groundbreaking recording techniques, one-off collaborations.... all connected in one significant way : the purity, warmth and luxuriousness of an all-valve signal chain.

Recorded at Atlantic Jaxx Studios
Valve mastered and cut at Gearbox Records

1. Dark Forsage (7:04)
2. Seven Up (5:03)

Michal Nejtek - keyboards
Petr Tichý - double bass
Štěpán Smetáček - drums

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