Binker and Moses - 'Journey to the Mountain of Forever' Audio Cassette

Binker and Moses - 'Journey to the Mountain of Forever' Audio Cassette

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Journey to the Mountain of Forever

Release date: 17 June, 2017

Cassette with full on-body print and custom folded card wallet

Due to much demand - we've stepped into the retrofuture to produce a very cool new format of Binker and Moses' soaring and sensational sophomore release 'Journey To The Mountain Of Forever'

Resplendent in gourmet packaging, and on-body print featuring Binker's own inimitable line drawings, this audio cassette format is very limited.

Binker and Moses' Journey to the Mountain of Forever is a story album on two discs: the first features the duo on their own while for the second they are joined by saxophonist Evan Parker, trumpeter Byron Wallen, harpist Tori Handsley tabla player Sarathy Korwar and drummer Yussef Dayes. The sessions took place on 21-22 July 2016, and were recorded completely live from Mark Ronson’s Zelig studio direct to a 1960’s Studer C37 1/4” tape machine at Gearbox’s studio - no edits, drop-ins or mixing.

Disc One: The Realm of Now
1.The Departure; 2.Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves; 3.Fete By The River; 4.Trees On Fire; 5.The Shaman’s Chant; 6.Leaving The Now Behind
Musicians: Binker Golding - tenor saxophone; Moses Boyd - drums

Disc Two: The Realms of the Infinite
1.The Valley Of The Ultra Blacks; 2.Gifts From The Vibrations Of Light; 3.Mysteries and Revelations; 4.Ritual Of The Root; 5.The Voice Of Besbunu; 6.Echoes From The Other Side Of The Mountain; 7.Reverse Genesis; 8.Entering The Infinite; 9.At The Feet Of The Mountain Of Forever
Musicians: Binker and Moses with: Evan Parker - tenor and soprano saxophone; Byron Wallen - trumpet; Tori Handsley - harp; Sarathy Korwar - tabla; Yussef Dayes - drums

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