Bastien Keb - 'Organ Recital' Signed Vinyl LP

Bastien Keb - 'Organ Recital' Signed Vinyl LP

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Organ Recital

Signed by Bastien Keb

Release date: 22nd July, 2022

Standard 180g 33rpm Vinyl LP


The fourth album by the singular Bastien Keb. Conceived as a fantasy world to escape self-doubt and loneliness, fragments from everyday life continue to bleed through the cracks of reality - the harmony from a distant car alarm, someone’s headphones on the night bus, rain on leaky roof, a decaying siren - to produce a dreamlike journey pieced together from half-imagined memories and late night inner-voice conversations.


A1 The World Creaks pt. 2
A2 Pasadena
A3 I Wanna Be Your Man
A4 Protonooo Savvy GTi
A5 You Alright, Mike
A6 Stillmore
A7 Glass

B1 Past Only
B2 Past Midnight
B3 Have You Ever Head Haunted Men Cry
B4 In The Woods
B5 Sugar Badasi
B6 Joyeux Noelle
B7 Ambers
B8 Burrowing


Artwork by Will Morrison
Layout by Jaymokid

All tracks written, performed and arranged by S. Jones except
Track 1: spoken word performed by Ken Voita
Tracks 1 & 9: vocal performed by Claudia Kane
Tracks 4, 11 and 15: violins performed by Alex Judd
Track 9: harp performed by Tomos Xerri
Track 7: lyrics written by Will Morrison

Mixed by S. Jones, Tim Southorn, and Luan Brown
Mastered by Caspar Sutton-Jones
Produced by S. Jones

All tracks published by Metropolis Songs

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