Bastien Keb - 'The Killing of Eugene Peeps' Limited Edition ECO Vinyl LP

Bastien Keb - 'The Killing of Eugene Peeps' Limited Edition ECO Vinyl LP

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The Killing of Eugene Peeps

Release date: 9th October, 2020
Limited Edition ECO 180g 33rpm Vinyl LP


A soundtrack to an imagined film...

Bastien Keb presents his third album, 'The Killing of Eugene Peeps', an ode to Giallo, 70s crime flicks, and French new wave cinema. Befit with downbeat anti-ballads, psychedelic folk, and warped soliloquies, the music is an imagined score to a film that exists only in the mind. Sequenced like a film narrative, songs like 'Lucky (The Oldest Grave)', 'Rabbit Hole', 'Alligator' and mid-album rap tangent 'Paprika' call to mind key, set-piece moments. Evocative instrumental passages shift and link moods and themes between them; from brief minimal-jazz meanders ('Murmurs'), psychedelic funk ('Street Clams') to ethereal romanticism ('All That Love In Your Heart').

A guitarist first and foremost; Keb also plays trumpet, bass, drums, piano, flute and more - many borrowed, donated or found instruments. All the music you hear on 'The Killing of Eugene Peeps' is played live, recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by Keb. Layering his voice to imaginative effect, you may hear influences of Bon Iver or Jai Paul but in truth it’s more indebted to the widescreen soul of The Impressions or The Delfonics. Kenneth Viota, Claudia Kane, Cappo and Camille Limoges contribute a supporting cast of voices across the album.

What people say about Bastien Keb

"A new kind of spaced out jazz music" - Gilles Peterson

“One of the most exciting musicians emanating out of London at present.” - Dummy Mag

“Plenty of aural goodness” - The Ransom Note

“There’s a gluey analogue warmth to his productions which flow into each other with effortless charm.” - The Vinyl Factory


A1 Main Title
A2 Lucky (Oldest Grave)
A3 Rabbit Hole
A4 God Bless Your Gutters
A5 Theme For An Old Man
A6 Can't Sleep
A7 All That Love In Your Heart
A8 Young Ponies
A9 Street Clams

B1 Paprika (Featuring Cappo_
B2 Israel Ate His Own Mind
B3 Bookie 
B4 The Clerk
B5 Murmurs
B6 The Trains Don't Keep Me Up Now
B7 Lucky (Reprise)
B8 Alligator 
B9 The World Creaks


Story by S. Jones
Narration Kenneth Viota
Produced by S. Jones
Mixed by Goetz Botzenhardt / S. Jones
Mastered by Caspar Sutton-Jones / Darrel Sheinman

All songs written/arranged/performed/recorded by S. Jones
All instruments played by S. Jones
2. Lyrics written by Will Morrison
7. Vocals written and performed by Claudia Kane
8. Additional vocals performed by Natalia Rowley
10. Vocals written and performed by Paul Adey
16. Vocals performed by Camille Limoges, lyrics by Will Morrison
18. Violins performed by Alex Judd

Front cover art by Will Morrison
Back cover photo by Natalia Rowley

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