Abdullah Ibrahim - '3' Vinyl LP
Abdullah Ibrahim - '3' Vinyl LP

Abdullah Ibrahim - '3' Vinyl LP

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Release date: 26 January, 2024

3 x 140gm Black Vinyl LP in a Gatefold Sleeve

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“People don’t like Abdullah Ibrahim, they adore him, bestowing on him the devotion normally reserved for Nina Simone. When he plays, melodies tumble out effortlessly, as he slides from theme to theme like a laid-back South African reincarnation of Thelonious Monk.” - The Guardian

Taken from Abdullah Ibrahim’s summer 2023 sold-out headline date at London’s Barbican Centre, the new album “3” follows suit and is spread across two performances – the first is recorded without an audience ahead of the concert straight to analogue on a 1” Scully tape machine, which had previously been used by Elvis at the famous Memphis-based Sun Studios.

The second recording is taken from the evening’s performance itself with Ibrahim performing in a unique trio which includes Cleave Guyton (flute, piccolo, saxophone) who has performed alongside the likes of Aretha Franklin, Dizzy Gillespie, and Joe Henderson, as well as lauded bassist and cellist Noah Jackson, both of which are members of EKAYA and featured on Ibrahim’s Top 3 Billboard Jazz album “The Balance”

Volume 1 (45 RPM)

Side 1

1. Barakat

2. Tsakwe

3.  Krotoa - Crystal Clear

Side 2

4. Maraba

5. Ishmael

6. Mindif

Volume 2 - Live (33 RPM)

Side 1

1. In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)

2. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)

3. Reprise 1

Side 2

4. Water from an Ancient Well

5. Nisa

6. The Wedding

Side 3

7. Tuang Guru

8. Reprise 2

Side 4

9. Dreamtime

10. Skippy (Thelonious Monk)

11. Blue Bolero

12. Mindif

13. Trance-mission

      - “the sound of centuries old maritime cargo…”


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