Thiago Nassif - Três CD (Japanese Edition)
Thiago Nassif - Três CD (Japanese Edition)
Thiago Nassif - Três CD (Japanese Edition)

Thiago Nassif - Três CD (Japanese Edition)

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Limited Japanese Edition CD with obi strip
Release date: 30 June, 2021
Less than 100 available!

Gearbox presents Três, Thiago Nassif's third album on limited Japanese Edition CD with obi strip. 

Recorded in Rio De Janeiro, and produced by Arto Lindsay (who also appears as co-writer on several tracks, as well as–inimitably–on guitar, in places), Thiago Nassif's Três strikes a balance between lyrical tunes, rock, electronic music and noise. It was born out of Nassif's desire to distil the content of his lyrics into his instrumentation. The fashioning of timbres, with both analog and digital resources and the use of silence are also integral to the record's overall aesthetic.

With Thiago Nassif handling lead vocals, most guitar and some bass and synth parts, Arto and Nassif carefully selected key players from the cutting edge of Brazil's music scene (a scene heavily indebted to Tropicalia as well as No wave and electronic music) for the ensemble cast. This includes Domenico Lancelloti (collaborator of Moreno Veloso, and former Gal Costa band member), Marcelo Callado (collaborator of Caetano Veloso), Negro Leo, as well as Wyatt Mims (whom Nassif met while living in the US).


Domenico Lancelloti, Alberto Continentino, Marcello Callado, Danilo Andrade, Wyatt Mims, Laura Wrona, Roberta Zerbini, and Negro Leo.

Produced by Arto Lindsay.
co-produced by Thiago Nassif.

All songs written by Thiago Nassif, except:

“Desordem” (Thiago Nassif, Arto Lindsay, Fernanda Zerbini),
“Pensamentos” (Lyrics: Thiago Nassif, Music: T. Nassif, André Sztutman),
“Shiu” (Thiago Nassif, Fernanda Zerbini, Pedro Maia),
“Time Thick” (Lyrics: Thiago Nassif, Arto Lindsay, Fernanda Zerbini, Music: T. Nassif, André Sztutman),
“Beira” (Thiago Nassif, Arto Lindsay).

Recorded at DCINE, Studio Maravilha 8, (guitars, bass and synths recorded at home).
Mixed by Martin Scian.
Mastered by Felipe Tichauer at Red Traxx Music Studio.
Lacquer cut by Mike Grinser.
Recording engineers: Pedro Tambellini & Felipe Fernandes.
Recording assistant: Felipe Esteues.
Executive producer: Luiza Souto,

Cover design: Laura Wrona.
Rear sleeve design: Ben Freeney.
Cover painting: Fernanda Zerbini.

Track listing: 

1. Desordem
2. Pensamentos
3. Algodōes
4. Shiu (Coçar Onde Coça)
5. Senhora Moda
6. O Asco
7. Time Thick (Tempo Denso)
8. Bulgado 
9. Quiçá (Leito Eito)
10. Beira

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